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Whose Shotgun Would You Want?

My mom bagged this ruffed grouse with her first shot using grandpa's Citori.

Chad Love, author of “Man’s Best Friend” blog on the Field & Stream website and fellow Quail Forever blogger, recently passed along a post idea for me.  It seems that famed pheasant hunting author Steve Grooms has elected to sell his favorite pheasant gun, a 12 gauge over/under Ithaca model 600 made by SKB.  It got me thinking about shotguns and if there’s one out there I’d aspire to one day own. 

My first thought went to a recent book about Ernest Hemingway’s guns.  Ultimately I’d prefer to possess the fishing rod & reel Hemingway used in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula – my home stomping grounds – while penning the Big Two-Hearted River, more than any of Ernie’s firearms.  Teddy Roosevelt came to mind as well, but ultimately I’m not particularly infatuated with owning famous people’s things. 

For me, I think someday I’d like to inherit both of my grandpa’s shotguns.  My Grandpa St.Pierre passed away last fall leaving my dad with a matching 12 and 20 gauge Winchester Model 12 pair. Likewise, my Grandpa Maurer left his 20 gauge Browning Citori featherlight to my mom when he passed a few years back.  All three of those guns carry on my family’s hunting traditions; something shared by both sides of my heritage.  That’s something I’m proud to be a part of and represent in my last name. 

Is there someone else’s shotgun out there you hope to shoulder one day?

The Pointer is written by Bob St.Pierre, Quail Forever’s Vice President of Marketing.  Follow Bob on Twitter @BobStPierre.


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